Full Conceal M3D 19 Gen 4 9mm, Safe Action, Foldable, 4″ Barrel, Fixed Sights, Glock OEM Rail, 21rd

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  • SKU:745556190989
  • Brand:Full Conceal
  • Manufacturer Number:M3DF4
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Model:Glock G19
  • Rounds:21
  • Unit of Measure:Each
  • Classification:Firearm
  • Interests:Concealed Carry Guns
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Full Conceal M3D 19 Gen 4 9mm, Safe Action, Foldable, 4″ Barrel, Fixed Sights, Glock OEM Rail, 21rd

Full Conceal M3D was formed to address the problems and needs of firearm concealed carry to vastly improve concealability, comfort, safety, and firepower. Through innovation, our solutions provide what you need AND gives you more options/benefits that you may want in your everyday carry solution compared to other solutions.

Naturally Concealable (Footprint)

Our M3D pistol has a footprint of a common cell phone so you can safely carry it loaded in a pocket, purse, or bag. You can tuck in your shirt, not have any clips on your belt, and the confidence that no will know you are carrying.

Buy Full Conceal M3D 19 Gen 4 9mm, Safe Action, Foldable, 4″ Barrel, Fixed Sights, Glock OEM Rail, 21rd Online | Full Conceal M3D 19 Gen 4 9mm, Safe Action, Foldable, 4″ Barrel, Fixed Sights, Glock OEM Rail, 21rd For Sale

Perspective: Compared to a traditional ‘L-Shaped’ pistol, when carried loaded, a holster is required and therefore, there is higher chance you will reveal your conceal carry because of belt clips, specific thicker tactical belts, large shirts. Also, as you move around your daily life, as your body shifts, the handle of a ‘L-Shaped’ pistol carry will print 2 inches above your belt line even if you are wearing a large T-shirt.

No Holster Required (Thin)

When carrying a loaded folded M3D pistol, it is actually thinner than any other 9mm pistol (even single stack sub-compact pistols) because it was designed to be 100% safely carried without the extra thickness of a holster. There is no other pistol in it’s class that has this ability to carry safely without a holster.

Perspective: By the time you add a holster to a single stack pistol, it will be thicker than our ‘double stack’ M3D, which will give you 3x more ammo capacity and the benefits of a bigger pistol.

Safe / Reliable

A loaded folded M3D pistol is safer to carry, transport, or store compared to a traditional pistol as there is no trigger to depress and the trigger bar is physically locked by the fold (therefore the Glock factory drop safety and firing pin safety are engaged). More safely carry a round in the chamber, when folded and concealed without a holster, it is 100% mechanically safe from discharging.

Quick / Easy Deploy

Quick and easy to deploy under stress and low-light conditions (like a movie theater) because of the simple auto-indexing unfolding process. But the advantage comes when preparing to deploy (but your not sure if the threat is real yet), you can naturally put your hands in your pocket and have your hand on the gun without any tell. Another advantage is that you can deploy the M3D with 34-rounds of 9mm with one hand. There is no other solution on the market that allows you to do this. Quick and reliable (magazine auto-indexing) unfold and pull the trigger to shoot.

Full-Sized Gun

Full length barrel (accuracy at distance), Full-length slide (longer sight radius for aiming at longer distances), Full-Grip (more natural grip for rapid follow up shots and stability). A traditional single stack sub-compact pistol with no pinky extension are harder to grip/control and a shorter barrel does not help with the muzzle flip. Most defensive ammunition are made to operate out of at least a 4-inch barrel, which the M3D has.

Max Firepower

Deploy with the largest magazine capacity as possible (ie – a factory Glock 33-rnd magazine), reduce the need to reload (which may save your life when there are multiple attackers or you have the need to lay down constant fire to extract your yourself and loved ones from the situation). No need to worry about concealing and carrying additional magazines and magazine holsters.

​Well Balanced / Comfortable

When folded, the pistol is well balanced (weight distribution and rectangular shape), compact, and comfortable for daily concealed carry. Traditionally, with appendix carry on larger pistols, due to the footprint, the grip digs into some part of your body (ie – spine or gut) when you sit in a car or restaurant. Being able to now carry in a jacket pocket or pants pocket, it’s more comfortable to sit down anywhere you go.

Standard Pistol Operation

Once the M3 Pistol is unfolded, shooting and reloading is the same muscle memory as a standard pistol, so practice shooting and reloading the same as any other semi-automatic pistol.



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