1000 Rounds of 124gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Federal


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More Details About Our 1000 Rounds of 124gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Federal

High-volume shooters are happy shooters, and if you’re a fan of the 9mm, these Federal 9mm 124 grain FMJ rounds can make you a happy shooter. There are lots of reasons to have large quantities of ammunition, from training to plinking to the threat of a zombie apocalypse. If you think a 9mm is inadequate for zombies, you’re wrong. The stereotype might be rifles and shotguns, but handguns are easier to carry, work better in close quarters, and your 9mm has a higher magazine capacity than many guns. They’re good at longer distances, too; the 9mm Luger was originally created to be lethal up to 50 meters, but testing proved the round is capable of lethality at far greater distances. In fact, in 1986, the book Handloading said “the modern science of wound ballistics has established beyond reasonable doubt that the 9mm cartridge is highly effective.”

1000 Rounds of 124gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Federal, so they’re meant for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. Of course, even when you’re plinking, you’re sharpening your marksmanship skills, so even when you’re not technically training, you’re still getting practice time. There are 1,000 rounds in this box of ammunition, and you’ll fire this entire stash faster than you might think. But don’t worry, Federal knows the mind of the high-volume shooter, and these are new production, fresh brass, boxer-primed cases, so they can be reloaded. Fire, collect spent brass, reload, and fire again. Simple.

At 124 grain these are lightweight for the cartridge. That’s good because lighter cartridges keep recoil lower, so your hands won’t be tired too quickly. These are truly fast target rounds; they have a muzzle velocity of 1,120 feet per second. And they’ll punch a nice hole in your targets as well, with a muzzle energy of 345 foot-pounds. Federal manufactures all their ammunition at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota, and maintains the highest standards. If you want to fend off the zombie horde, you need practice. And when you need practice, you need Federal.
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